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Comedian TuRae and Friends

Sat, Mar 23, 2019
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Comedian TuRae and Friends

with BIG MOMMA BADA$$ and Comedian Malcolm Hill

TuRae Gordon tops the list of local Philly comedians. TuRae was born on June 15, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as TuRae Gordon. He is a writer and actor, known for Underground Kings, Def Comedy Jam and The Funny Spot.

TuRae’s comedy career began while attending Temple University. Encouraged by friends, he entered and won his first open mic competition at the famous Philadelphia Laff House. The club immediately named him house MC providing the opportunity to develop his thoughtful and unique point of view. In 2007, he traveled to London, England where he won the World Cup Comedy Clash at London’s Hackney Empire Theater. In the summer of 2008, TuRae performed at the prestigious Just for Laugh’s comedy festival in Montreal where “industry watchers lauded TuRae’s strong point of view” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter who went further naming him a “standout” of the New Faces showcase. TuRae headlines clubs and colleges and has competed in and won a number of competitions including the Def Jam Comedy Competition and The WB’s Comedy After Midnight.

As a man who jokes about his mom and the rest of his family – including his girlfriend (“dude, this lady, I promise, we’re going to get married”) – TuRae uses the latter love relationship as his barometer as to what he can and cannot share on stage about their lives. “I subscribe to the ‘happy wife, happy life’ theory,” he said. “If she doesn’t like it, I’m not to going to do it. BUT, she has to see me doing it and tell me she doesn’t like it because I also believe in an artist’s freedom.”

Ask if he feels akin to other Philly comedians and part of the community of stand-ups, and he says, “some would tell you I am the community. I don’t say that to sound arrogant. I say that because I’ve spent a considerable amount of my career making sure that it’s not just single shows or one comic getting success and moving on. I do also feel as if the comedy community here is segregated. I don’t want barriers in my comedy. Comedians need to be considered by each other’s room and considered by all management and promoters. That’s not just here though, that’s everywhere across the country. The good thing is that comedy and comedy clubs are growing. Let’s focus on that. We can sing ‘Cumbaya,’ later.”



Comedian Malcolm Hill

There are a lot of people that don’t know about comedy. This is an in-depth look beyond comedy, behind the scene with Comedian

Malcolm Hill

A lot of people do comedy for different reasons. For one, your girl told you, you were funny. You can make a lot of money or be famous, or there are a lot of barbers thinking they can be comedians because they made their clients laugh so they feel as though they need to be comedians. People don’t know, a lot of people are not real comedians, they take other peoples jokes. You can take somebody whole set and do it in another city or state and you know the audience doesn’t know. I’m not saying it’s not good to steal other jokes but a lot of people steal jokes and walk around getting standing ovations and walk around like they Eddie Murphy. (lol)
The crowd doesn’t know but , the one thing about when someone steals somebody else’s jokes, you’re going to be on a show and that person is going to whined up being on the same show with you. Now you can’t do those jokes because the guy is in the room and if he does those jokes before you, you’re stuck on trying to come up with material of your own, so when you steal other people’s jokes now you have to watch and see if the guy is going to do those same jokes. The crowd doesn’t know that’s someone else’s stuff they just think that’s funny.

This is a business about making money. Somebody steals your jokes they can be on a show and the promoter will say we’re putting this guy on the show, they can get you bumped off the show and the promoter don’t know why. They be like “nah don’t put him on the show” and that’s why or another thing about comedy you can open for certain people all the time, but after a while you become better than them or get more laughs, it really doesn’t matter how long you been doing this because anyone can be funnier then you it all depends on who they like on that particular day. There’s a lot of politics in this business a lot of gangs meaning certain people only book the same people over and over in the same room because they don’t want to turn it into a gang mentality like they only mess with them and they only mess with them. You have some of the promoters that say “we’re going to pay you right after you get off stage” and then when you get off stage they’ll say “I’m going to have to take some of the money away because you was 10 minutes or something late”, Because they didn’t make all the money at the door. The promoter is supposed to have your money regardless of the money at the door; a promoter should have all your money.

A lot of comedians don’t want to go after another comedian they rather to go after somebody that’s not that good whereas it will make them look like they’re super good, because they went on after somebody that wasn’t as good. A lot of host likes to bring you on stage to try to mess you up. They can bring you on stage good, or they can bring you on stage they say “coming to the stage live from at the Apollo make some noise”!! Or they say “coming to the stage is Malcolm Hill” and then walk off the stage, some host don’t want you to do well this is a doggie dog world so the host don’t want you to do well so they can bring you on “BIG” or they can bring you on “crazy”. There are all different kinds of comedy it’s telling the truth about your life, there’s quick one liner with punch lines, or there’s people that take jokes off the internet. There’s internet jokes people use that the crowd don’t know. One thing about comedy you have to have the crowd believe what you’re saying is true and really happened to you. Some comedians like Kevin hart are great at this. People think that, that is his family that he’s talking about. Some people are great at it.

The newer comedians- There’s a guy that’s been doing comedy for two weeks and he has a book full of jokes talking about he’s going to New York to perform and all the jokes are garbage. Then there’s a guy that has one set that great, there’s better to have one set that’s great then a book of jokes that stink. (lol) then there’s the hecklers---you have to deal with the hecklers and a lot of people don’t know how to deal with them, they can distract you from doing your material. If a heckler heckles you and you say something about him and then you move on, but an armature will take about the person and make the whole show about them and the public don’t what to hear you continuously talk about the same person they want to hear other jokes but a heckler can distract any comedian.
A great comedian comes up with things that haven’t been said. For example a lot of people talk about the same stuff it’s either a guy talking about gay people, how Jamaicans talk, or how white and Puerto Rican talk. They pick topics a lot of people use, but a great comedian will pick topics or subjects that people don’t talk about. If you’re in the same room around the same comedians you’re going to pick up on what they’re talking about then you start writing your jokes. For example people in New York talk about how Jamaicans and Puerto Rican talk, because in the room there’s a lot of Jamaicans and Puerto Rican so that’s what the write their material from. A good comedian talks about other topics besides those same topics.
There are a lot of comics that will try to do two and three shows in the same day. If a promoter book you on the 28th and asks “do you have a show on the 28th”? A lot of guys say “no” then another promoter will call and ask the same thing now you have three shows for the same day and a comedian will try to make all the shows and whatever one that’s paying the most money is the show they will try to make and that third show some guys would call and say “can you get someone else to do that show.” The reason a lot of comics do that is because a lot of them are living off them shows they have to pay their bills. They have to pay their electric, gas, and water so they tend to take three shows on the same day in case one gets canceled you’re always going to be able to make money. The only problem is, that if none of them gets canceled you have to decide on which one is making the most money, then call the promoter to say :I’m running late, not going to be able to make it, the, train, car, and plane broke and I’m not going to be able to make it”. (lol) A lot of comedians are going to be mad at me for saying that! (lol)

A comedy show consist of a host who is funny, an opening act who doesn’t have to be that funny, a featuring act that’s funny and a headliner who is the draw who the people come to see. A promoter will put you on a flyer for one or two reasons, if you’re a draw and people know who you are and they’ll come to see you, if people don’t know who you are but you can help to promote or sale tickets. A promoter only cares about you selling tickets and you don’t have to be funny on stage, he could care less about you being funny as long as you can sale tickets.